Author Topic: Warning! Phishing!  (Read 18857 times)

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Warning! Phishing!
June 25, 2008, 11:05:23 AM
DomesticSale become too popular and some stupid freaks try to steal DomesticSale members accounts.
They send e-mail to our customer using ad contact form.

Sample of message:
Hello may temporarily suspended your account.
If your sign up confirmations and zipcodes are not submitted to us within 48 hours
We need your account information to help us validate your record on our database,
DomesticSale is currently having problems with some illegal adverts at our website
therefore our Electronic Mail Services Technical team (EMS) are making some changes
on our websites and updating our technical database which has included where your
data has been stored on our database.
Any views of this e-mail are those of the sender except where the sender
specifically states them to be that of or its subsidiaries.
The message and its attachments are for designated recipient(s) only and may contain
privileged, proprietary and private information. If you have received it in error,
kindly delete it and notify the sender immediately. accepts no liability for any loss of account or damage resulting
directly and indirectly after the transmission of this e-mail message.         
We require you to complete an account update so we can unlock your account and
enable your listings viewable to all buyers again.
To start the update process and prevent your account from suspension we need your
DomesticSale Account e-mail address, zipcodes and Account password.
Once we have completed the update, we will send you an email notifying that your
account is available again under 24 hours. After that you can access your account
and start advertising your pets at any time.
The information provided will be treated in confidence and stored in our secure
If you fail to provide information about your account you may discover that your
account has been automatically deleted from DomesticSales's database because it will
be regarded as illegal advert.
We thank you and appreciate your continued support.
IMPORTANT: As a courtesy to our visitors, please delete listings for unavailable
puppies when your account is available again.

Please be noticed: DomesticSale never ask you for your personal information including address, login data(e-mail, password) etc. using e-mail or phone calls.

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1. Re: Warning! Phishing!
September 25, 2008, 11:22:36 AM
I work for an ISP and they do this all the time stating that the email is from our customer service department and they will lose their email within 24 hours if they do not send their information this is a way for the scammer to get your personal information and cause all kinds of grief within the company itself and possibly in your own personal accounts. Identity thief etc.... Never give this information out : ) Debbie

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2. Re: Warning! Phishing!
February 21, 2014, 03:43:11 PM
I keep getting Texts from a 705-417-1302 number and they are asking for my account email and password. They are saying it is to verify security and prevent fraud on the site... NEVER GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD TO ANYONE!!! ANY ASKING FOR IT IS A PHISHING ATTEMPT!